HIGHLIGHTS TV: From a spray Can´s perspective

A short movie from a spray can´s perspective was made late summer in Stockholm together with Dekis, Cake & Kaos [REA-Crew] from Uppsala. 

XPAND Your Soul 2012

Graffiti at XPAND Your Soul 2012, 27-29 sept in Gävle, Sweden.
Friday 28 sept, start kl 15.30 : Workshop med Rolfcarlwerner
Saturday 29 sept kl 12-18: Live outside theater (No Entrance fee) with SKIL, JEKS & ROLFCARLWERNER.
Saturday 29 sept kl 17-23.30 Kl 17-23.30 Exhibition in Gävle Teater under Main event. With SLICY, JOPAUCHO etc...


Familiarize yourself with SPACE INVADER.

Space Invader failed once with this project but now he has finally lived up his name and invaded space with his tiled works. It was launched from Miami in Florida where he´s next exhibition will pop soon. He used a helium balloon with a camera and GPS:ed it to find it again... 

After invading space, Space Invader decided to do an underwater project together with sculptures of Jason deCaires Taylor. Space Invader put his tiled works on the side of one of the reefs in Cancun, Mexico!

RELEASE: Train Track Memories

Fredag 28:e september kör vi releasefest för boken TRAIN TRACK MEMORIES på HL Gallery. I samband med releasen öppnar vi också en tre veckors fotoutställning med bilder ur boken. Releasefest och vernissage fredag 28 september kl. 18.00-21.00. Utställningen pågår 28 september – 18 oktober.

HL Gallery/Store
St Eriksgatan 64, Stockholm
Öppet: Mån-Fre 11.30 – 18.00, Lör 11.30 – 16.00, Sön: Stängt.


A book about Stockholm train writing by Leo Rivinoja (Incognito Magazine) and Björn Engberg.

The idea to write your name on a train and watch it roll through the city, first became popular in New York in the early seventies. The phenomenon appeared in Stockholm about fifteen years later, since then the city's subway and commuter trains have been painted frequently. But one important thing has changed since the mid-eighties – train writing today attracts little attention.
   Once painted trains could roll throughout the city for months, now they are generally taken out of service immediately. The paintings are removed before hardly anyone other than their originators and a couple of rail workers have seen them. What was once a public art form available for everyone to see, has become a private game only accessible to the players.

This collection of private pictures and personal stories from some of the most prolific writers in the history of Stockholm is an attempt to yet again make train writing visible to the general public. The book features writers like Akay, Ape, Beges, Detch, Erir, Healr, Hnr, Kaos, Ribe, Rilo, Skil, Termit, Terror, Triss & Weston.

Bildrapport: RELEASE: Day time bombing with HNR & Small Talk 2

I fredags firade vi dubbelt upp med release av TagsAndThrows första kortdokumentär “Daytime bombing with HNR” och andra numret av bombingfanzinet "Small Talk". Kolla in videon och ett gäng bilder från festen. Tack alla ni som kom förbi och extra tack till TT Original Lager och Grog Ink som var med och sponsrade.Utställningen pågår 14 – 27 september.

HL Gallery/Store - www.hlgallery.se
St Eriksgatan 64, Stockholm
Öppet: Mån-Fre 11.30 – 18.00, Lör 11.30 – 16.00

RELEASE: Day time bombing with HNR & Small Talk 2

On friday the 14:th of September we will host two releases at the same time. The site TagsAndThrows.com is releasing their first short documentary “Daytime bombing with HNR” and they will share the place with the guys from Incognito Magazine that is releasing their second issue of the bombing fanzine “Small Talk”. Connected to the release we will host a two weeks long mini exhibition with tags by HNR and photos from the fanzine.

Opening friday 14 September 19.00-21.00. Exhibition dates: 14 – 27 September.

HL Gallery/Store
St Eriksgatan 64, Stockholm
Open: Mon-Fri 11.30 – 18.00, Sat 11.30 – 16.00

 Special thanks to: TT Original Lager & Grog Ink

ROA mural In Katowice, Poland

Last facade for today is made by ROA from Belgium. This mural is made at a street art festival held in Katowice, Polan during April 2012.

INTI in Norway

INTI again! We try to vary, but this is even better than the previous in Lebanon. The title is The Treasure Hunter and made in Oslo during the Urban Samtidskunst event in August 2012.

INTI from Chile painting in Beirut, Lebanon

Most of the news on Beirut and Lebanon is that there are lots of kidnappings and threats. Many countries warn therefor their citizens to travel to Lebanon, but it does not seem to bother INTI painting this huge mural...

Da Mental Vaporz

Check out this great mural of French crew Da Mental Vaporz: Avec, Dran, Bom K, Sowat, Can, Brusk, Blo, pig, and Jaw. Each artist contributed with their own individual style to the big picture. It is difficult to get it this good ...