HIGHLIGHTS SÖDER FLYTTAR - Nyöppning 1 december!

Efter elva år på samma plats är det dags att flytta. Lördag 1 december flyttar vi in på Tjärhovsgatan 1(fd Coyote-butiken) på Södermalm i Stockholm. Den nya butiken blir mer än tre gånger så stor och ligger bara precis runt hörnet lite närmare Björns trädgård och tunnelbanan. Butiken kommer förutom ca 800 olika kulörer av sprayfärg även erbjuda allt från squeezers och markers till airbrush och akrylfärg.

MTN Diaries II (Hardcore 2012)

From Paris, Malmö and Amsterdam...

Yes, we doodle

Yes, we doodle
Thursday 22nd nov @ il caffé.
Södermannagatan 23
Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden

Klottrarna and Salong Betong with photos by Zolen at il Caffé.
+ Tunes by DJ Matooke

- He cannot sit down without not doing graffiti on something,
  He really can’t
- When you talking on the phone, talking on the phone, you do
  not doodle on the paper?
- I don’t doodle!
- Yes you do!
- I don’t doodle
- You do doodle on the paper
- I don’t doodle!
- I don’t doodle, i just writing my name!

NUG Ultra Wide Chrome

A couple of month ago Montana Cans released their Montana 750ml ULTRA WIDE chrome, the fastest and wides spray can seen so far. We thought we should do a test with someone we knew would appreciate this monster can so we called Nug [VIMOA] and asked him if he would like to try it. Check out the video to see the result.

Fits & Ikaroz on the Galore Urban Art Festival

IKAROZ & FITS are on the way to Copenhagen to participate in the Urban Art Festival GALORE this weekend. Looks fresh!

Krink k-750

Krink NYC and MTN are pleased to announce the MTN x Krink K-750, a very special can with unique properties.

Really Good Emotions DVD

New movie from RGE Crew with crews like BST, WLC, Rges, Esb, Acs, Kcs, Bcr, Bzh, Fofs, Acw, Mofo, Wol, ME, Mth, Hfu, Etc

83 minuter with Really Good Emotions.

Buy it here: Really Good Emotions DVD, 109 kr