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David Choe - The Facebook millionaire

Do you have 90 min? A documentary about David Choe, the american painter, muralist & graffiti artist who cashed in $200 million painting Facebook HQ.

FASCINATING GUY, ┌∩┐(◕_◕)┌∩┐

Water colours by Krister Paleologo

Water colour paintings by Krister Paleologo of Stockholm writers...

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Wakum presents lampkonst

Lightning artwork painted by the artists:
Björn Hellström - Jan Sjöberg - Fredrik Zingmark

Exhibition 19-22 feb. 
Open 14:00 - 18:00
Vernissage Sat 23/2   12:00 - 20:00
Sunday 12:00 - 16:00

Galleri Kocks, kocksgatan 18, Stockholm. Subway: Medborgarplatsen.
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In the second episode of Highlights TV interview series you get to meet Kaos [VIMOA, TD]. Get a small glimpse in to the life and thoughts of one of Swedens most legendary graffiti artists. Painting his first piece in 1985 Kaos almost has 30 years of experience from the graffiti culture and still going strong! There is also a book about him called Kaos - Vandals In Motion .

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In this first episode of Highlights interview series at Hightlights TV we hooked up with KRIS [WOL-3D]. He´s an active youngster and together with his crew WOL they are one of Stockholms the most active crews for the moment. From north to south, west to east, trains, walls & fames...

In this episode you will get to know him more on a personal level. Highlights met him over a cup of coffea talking about the past and future and a few things in between.

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HOP LOUIE exhibition

A classic portrait of Christer Pettersson (R.I.P), who was a suspect in the 1986 assassination of Olof Palme, the Prime Minister of Sweden

16 Feb - 10 March he and a friend, Vegan Flava, do an exhibition in Stockholm, Väsby. 

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Graffiti Artist Jopaucho from northern Sweden is most known for his great characters. He started with graffiti in the mid 90s and after a few years of art school and freelance work he is now working at an illustration agency in Stockholm. We gave him some MOLOTOW Sketchbooks, Fineliners and Basic Sketchers to play with...